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Appreciate all your support

Thanks a lot for sharing your insights about my career progression. Appreciate all your support. You are one of the best Trainers I have come across, which has made me set high standards for myself. I am glad I choose to invest & train with Auctus. :)

Cynthia, Certificate IV in TAE; Trainer - Sam Donato

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You have given me hope about achieving my goals

After signing up with an online provider to attempt to complete a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, which i will say was proving really difficult and time consuming, and therefore achievable, i was given the name of Auctus Business training & consulting by a colleague. From the first contact with Auctus i was immediately left feeling like this was achievable. My circumstances due to working committments disallowed me to follow the normal protocol of attending teaching sessions, that is when Sam was introduced to me and agreed to meet me each fortnight for one on one tuition. Sam's professionalism is to be commended, he is easy to talk to, explains problems in a simple format, and gives examples that actually pertains to your situation making understanding a lot easier. The issue of completing the certificate in a short space of time was nerve wrecking, however Sam assured me that would be achievable, which i can now say "he was spot on" In just 3 months i achieved my goal and am a happy recipient of a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Thank you Sam and your team for helping me achieve this, i have no hesitation recommending you to my colleagues and friends and family. You have given me hope about achieving my goals in the future and i might even attempt another learning program which i will definitely enlist you as my tutor.

Caron-Lee, Certificate IV in TAE student

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I learnt a lot

I sincerely thank you for the assistance, advice & encouragement you have provided right from the start. Your lectures were lively, engaging & inspirational & the little tips you gave us throughout the course will always be useful. I'm really glad I enrolled for this course as I learnt a lot. I would have no hesitation in recommending Auctus to anyone looking for further training.

Eranga, Certificate IV in TAE student

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